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 for this web site: Mr. Greg Erickson, USA


I am sending a picture of some advertising labels issued by Leciferrin in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1913 or 1914. Leciferrin was a lecithin-iron preparation made from egg yolk (lecitin željeza priprema od žumanca jajeta). These labels were recently sold on Ebay. They show the Kings of Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Romania, Prussia, Italy, the Sultan of Turkey, and the Prince-Regent of Bavaria

I am sending you a picture of a German-language postcard. Vom montenegrinischen Kriegsshauplatz. Die Waffenstreckung der montenegrinischen Armee (From the Montenegrin theater of war. The surrender of the Montenegrin Army).


I am sending you a picture of a ‘tobacco silk’. From 1910-1915, small prizes (nagrade) were printed on silk by tobacco companies in the United States. Then the prizes were inserted into cigarette packages in an attempt to increase sales. Tobacco (duhan) + silk (svila) = tobacco silk. The enclosed tobacco silk was printed by Nebo Cigarettes at Factory No. 21, 5th district, N.J. (No. = number; 5th = peti; N.J. = New Jersey, USA). The size is 8,26 cm x 12,7 cm.

From 1892 until 1924, all immigrants arriving from Europe(dosta Crnogoraca ) were sent to Ellis Island. I am sending you a picture of Ellis Island. The island is now a museum



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