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13 Feb 2007



I'm looking for some photo about Montenegrin Army during the Balkan war 1912-13. Thanks for your interest and bye from Italy.


There are so many interesting photos about the Montengrin Army from the Balkan war. Our web site has posted some of them recently and we will pull it out again for you on this page. ( Most of the photos are in possession of Mr. Zekovic B. Zoran from Cetinje, Montenegro).
The web site team



The camp of the Montenegrin Army in Zeta ( the valley beside the river Zeta)




The Montenegrin camp at Tarabos                                       Transport of the cannons


The Balkan War 1912. - The black coffee in the camp






The Balkan War 1912 - The Montenegrin Army enters into town of Pec










Gerneral Milutin Vucinic - 1912.g.




The  Balkanian - turkish war - 1912 - 1913.
The captived cannons in Cettinje







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