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23 Dec 2008



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A friend of mine named Zoran Kraljevic recently contacted Guide Dog Users of Canada, asking us to speak up on behalf of Miss

Mariana Mugosa, who has been denied access to her place of employment because she uses a guide dog.  We fully realize that our comments may be viewed as interference in a matter that is of no concern to us, but many of us have had considerable experience using such dogs and we want Miss

Mugosa to know that we fully support her.  The mayor's attitude is preventing her from doing a job for which I assume she is qualified. We know that he and others will realize that her dog makes her more
independent and will behave well in public.

I am attaching a letter of support approved by our Board of Directors, along with a picture of my own dog, which you are welcome to use as you see fit.  It is also my understanding that the association for the blind in your country is afraid to speak up because it fears losing its funding.  If you know how to contact this association and feel that it might help, please feel free to pass the letter on to the appropriate person.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the work of guide dogs.

I wish to thank you for the support you have offered Miss Mugosa and hope we can be of some help in resolving a most unpleasant situation.

Warmest Regards:

Alan Conway



  Guide Dog Users of Canada /Utlisateurs de chiens-guides du Canada 


I am writing in response to information provided to me, regarding the case of Mariana Mugosa. Ms. Mugosa, a Citizen of Montenegro, has been denied access to her place of employment because she is blind and uses a specially trained dog to guide her.

I have considerable expertise with guide dogs.  I obtained my first guide dog in May of 1979 and have since returned to the same guide dog school on three subsequent occasions for training with new dogs. My work as an interpreter with the Government of Canada requires me to travel extensively across our extremely large country. I do so, accompanied by my guide dog.

It is shocking to me, given my years of unimpeded travel within Canada and beyond, to hear of such discriminatory practices, as that of Ms. Mugosa’s situation in Montenegro.   I am very dismayed to learn of the mayor’s negative attitude and behaviour regarding the presence of the dog.  While Montenegro claims to abide by all laws enacted in the European Union, the mayor’s response in this case, clearly indicates that there is little respect for the spirit and letter of European legislation regarding discrimination against people with disabilities.

Guide Dog Users of Canada wishes to express its support for Ms. Mugosa’s claim; that by refusing to allow her to bring her dog inside the building where she works, the City is discriminating against her.


Our organization’s mandate is to inform people about guide dogs and the benefits we, as blind individuals gain from using them. As a board member of this organization, I feel it is my responsibility to inform you that guide dogs for the blind are highly trained, valuable animals which adapt quickly to any situation, including accompanying their handlers to their places of employment. They behave well in the varied situations they encounter.


In addition, I have travelled to parts of Europe with my previous guide dog.  I assure you that my dog behaved very well.  His good behaviour was noticed throughout our journey and I did not have any serious access problems during the trip.


Guide dog handlers fully understand the need to elicit good behaviour from their dogs at all times and to keep the dog clean and well groomed.  Guide dogs do not, therefore, represent a health or safety risk to anyone.

For those of us who depend on them, guide dogs represent the best mobility aid we could have because they adapt so well and often go unnoticed in public places.

Guide Dog Users of Canada respectfully asks that Miss Mugosa be granted the access to which
Montenegro’s laws entitle her.

Warmest regards:

Alan Conway




27. Jul 2009.  VIJESTI    

♦ Sud presudio u Marijaninu korist

Presuda po tužbi Marijane Mugoše protiv Glavnog grada donesena je danas.

Presudom je uvažen Marijanin tužbeni zahtjev, da pas vodič može da boravi u radnim prostorijama u toku cijelog radnog vremena uz svog korisnika. Glavni grad je obavezan da u roku od 8 dana izvrsi presudu, ukoliko u međuvremenu ne podnese žalbu Višem sudu.
Prilikom zabrane, koju je gradonačelnik Podgorice, g. Miomir Mugoša donio za psa vodiča za slijepe, odmah je reagovao i naš web portal, kao i Crnogorsko Kulturno Društvo iz Toronta.

Osim ovog reagovanja, reagovao je i crnogorski iseljenik iz Otave, Zoran Kraljević. 
U početku, tekst kritike upućen gradončelniku Mugoši, a koji se pojavio na stranicama ovog web portala,   nije naišao na preveliku podršku kod nekih naših iseljenika. 

Ipak, danas se pokazalo da je naša reakcija i dobronamjerna kritika bila usmjerena u dobrom pravcu, što potvrđuje i presuda Suda u Podgorici. 

Ovom prilikom, čestitamo gospođi Mugoši na istrajnosti u svojoj borbi čime je unijela malo svjetlosti u AFERI ĐE SUNCE NE GRIJE


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