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1 Feb 2009

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! Saradnik web site-a, g. Baćko Babić je bio u Kraljevini Kambodži u okviru humanitarne misije. Ovaj Crnogorac sada živi u gradu Brevard u Sjedinjenijem Američkijem Državama i vrlo je aktivan u humanitarnim programima širom svijeta.


"…and what should I say now? What else should I do or say while trying to describe the way some of the Cambodian families live?

The pictures you’ve seen, the sounds you’ve hard, can’t explain well enough the real condition at that cruel dump cite, or as some would call it a smoky mountain. Unless you happen to be there, on a 100+ degree highly humid weather, having files all over your body, while inhaling the smoke from the fire and other filthy smells…just feeling the poverty, unfairness, and brutality…having all those feelings taking over your mind is rather hard, almost impossible to explain. What makes the things even more complex and tougher to understand, are the people living there. Full of enthusiasm and hope, yet thrilled for everything that is happening to them, those people are still strong enough and their eyes are still excitingly blinking every single time when they have a reason for it, every single time when anything nice happens. Having unsecured, but yet big and strong smiles, coming from deep inside, they strongly believe that the future will bring them a better life.

There are more than 1000 families living on a dump site. That IS their home, their workplace, and that is the place where they find their clothes, food, and other necessities they may need in life. Some of them are “privileged” enough to work for the recycling organizations while trying to collect recyclable materials and barely being paid for it. Receiving only 25 cents per every 100 cans collected, is a very sad, emotional, and a hearth-breaking situation.

What really touched my hearth and had the biggest impact on my life, while in Cambodia, was working with little kids form the orphanages. I wasn’t very concerned by visiting Killing, or as some people like to call it Healing Fields, or Genocide Museum. I understand that those are very devastating things that happened and that more than 2 million people got killed, but that genocide happened more than 30 years ago. People are ready to move on with their lives…most of them are, some of them
still aren’t, though.

What really move me and made me wonder aren’t the thing that happened to Cambodia 30,40, or 50 years ago, but what is happening to Cambodia and its people NOW, and what is yet to happen to them…

What will those little innocent kids face later on in life??? What kind of future will they have??? Will the people “really care about them?”

Beautiful little kids with big hearts and pure soles… They have somuch love to give, so much love. We devoted just a little bit of our time, effort, and enthusiasm working with them during the Eastern Sunday, while in return we’ve received something much bigger and better, something that can’t be measured by anything. The amount of love we’ve received from them simply cannot be compared with anything! Full of love, but rarely anyone to share it with, with no real families, parents, brothers, sisters, without even knowing their precise date of birth…these little angels are trying to survive…day by day…on just a few cents, if that, in their pockets!

What will happen to all that love that is just constantly accumulating in their warm, little hearts??? What will happen to all that love? Will it simply turn into the hater? Will their goodness and purity just turn into evilness and meanness? What is happening to Cambodia and its people today, and what is yet to happen in the future…that’s what concerns me the most!

Yes, some people do care. But how many people really, “really care about us!?” How many people are actually willing to help us out?

There are millions and millions of kids all over the World, living under same conditions. They all come from different countries, families, cultures, backgrounds, customs… All kids are different, but yet, quite similar at the same time: they all have one thing that keeps them all
together, one thing that makes them all the same, one language they all understand; the unique, valuable, and the most beautiful language of
all…the language of love!!! The language of love is the only one these kids really care about…the only language they wish everyone would understand!!!

They all have their dreams…all the kids do! Their dream is to “fly…fly, over the rainbow so high!!!” They all want to “rise up, rise up, rise up…and never fall down again!”

And again, I wonder: Will that ever happen??? Will they have a chance to “rise up and fly, over the rainbow, so high!!!???” Will they ever touch the sky? Will they ever be given that chance? Will there ever be enough people to really care about them???

WHAT will happen to “the lost children” in this World!!!???"


Baćko Babić


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