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10 Apr 2009



Ako ne možete da nahranite hiljadu đece, nahranite barem jedno -
Majka Tereza

Prijatelj i saradnik našeg web site-a, Baćko Babić, koji živi u USA, u posjeti je Meksiku, mjesec dana nakon što je bio u posjeti Nikaragvi, Marta 2009. godine, đe je u okviru humanitarne misije, pomagao ugroženoj đeci. Ovo je bio samo jedan od projekata koji je ovaj mladi Crnogorac uradio za sreću i osmjeh đeteta. Vrlo zapažena bila je njegova posjeta Kambodži 2008. godine, đe se susrio sa više hiljada gladne i napuštene đece. U svom skorašnjem obraćanju studentima i profesorima Koledža Brevard, u Sjedinjenim Američkim Država, g. Baćko Babić je, između ostalog rekao:

" What will happen to all that love that is just constantly accumulating in their warm, little hearts??? What will happen to all that love? Will it simply turn into the hater? Will their goodness and purity just turn into evilness and meanness? What is happening to people today, and what is yet to happen in the future…that’s what concerns me the most.

Yes, some people do care. But how many people really, “really care about us!?” How many people are actually willing to help us out?

And again, I wonder: Will that ever happen??? Will they have a chance to “rise up and fly, over the rainbow, so high!!!???” Will they ever touch the sky? Will they ever be given that chance? Will there ever be enough people to really care about them? 

Zbog svojih misija, web portal www.montenegro-canada.com je odlučio da promoviše g. Baćka Babića - CRNOGORCA SA VELIKIM HUMANIM SRCEM


She is only 5-years-old. She has 9 siblings, the youngest one being a newborn baby, the oldest one in teenage years. Her parents gave her away to the orphanage a few minutes before I came…for the 4th time. Her mother is a drug addict who will be going back to jail in a few hours; her father is an alcoholic who is chugging a bottle of cheap whiskey next to the car while waiting for her mother to finalize the paperwork. She is crying; she doesn’t want to stay there…she doesn’t want the destiny designed for her, destiny she did not choose, destiny she cannot change. She is in hands of a stranger…she feels unsecure…uncertain about the future…sad…emotionally drained. She is dropping tears down her face; each tear being as painful and as heavy as it can be.

She then sees her 11-year-old sister who has been a “mother” to her younger siblings throughout most of her life. Her sister’s destiny is rather similar. Their new home is now the orphanage. Her sister sees her cry…she picks her up, kisses her on a cheek and quietly whispers to her that things will get better…she wipes her tears of her face…little girl finally half-smiles…she now has a bit of hope, a hope for a better future. But what is there to look forward to??? Will it really get any better?

Unable to receive, always much needed, motherly love…hear a good night story each evening before going to bed while hugging her teddy bear. She cannot wake up in the morning with the same excitement most children wake up with…she does not look forward to a new day. She cannot see a role model figure in her father, someone to look up to. NO-instead, she constantly needs to hear unpleasant sounds of jellying, screaming, things being broken, family members being beaten, sounds of police cars and their knocks on house doors… NO-instead, she has been raised by a drug addict and an alcoholic who cannot help her, who desperately need help themselves.

…she is well taken care of at the orphanage, though. It is clean and neat, she has her own bed, three decent meals per day, a few toys to play with, wonderful individuals who have chosen to devote their lives in efforts to help less fortunate ones, another 15-20 orphans, and most importantly her older sister. There is no, however, real parental love, a feeling of security everyone deserves, silly and childish moments most of us had a chance to enjoy while growing up…she just cannot be a normal child…a normal person later on in her life.

Making the scenario worse, she cannot even be adopted. Her parents want her out of their home, want someone else to take care of their own child…but selfishly want to be able to see her for an hour or so once or twice a month. They choose not go give her up for adoption! She is desperate…she is already worn out…she doest want to live…her smile will never-ever be the same…she is traumatized…she has been abused.

Her family is unable to provide her with basic necessities; however, she cannot be given away to a new one either. She is in neither hell nor heaven…she is somewhere in the middle…at the worst possible place.

She…she is in Casa Matriz in Colima, Mexico…she is not the only one…she is one of the many…she is one of the millions…she is a victim...not a guilty one though. She is a great proof that one doesn’t have to leave “this place” to go to hell…she is a proof that hell exist right here, on Earth. She is the best proof of how cruel, brutal, and unfair the human kind and destinies can sometimes be…she is the proof that “poverty is the worst form of violence.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

She…she…an angel with permanently damaged wings...the one who could, but never did nor will ever fly away…escape…experience the fresh breath of life…

She…just one…one of the many…




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