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15 Sep 2010




 ... ne tako davno "obećah" (bivšem) Ambasadoru Slobodne Amerike u Slobodnoj Crnoj Gori, Mr. Roderik W. MOORE-u, da u ime ČASNE MISIJE PROJEKTA PRIJATELJSTVO ZANAVIJEK - FRIENDSHIP FOREVER.. projekta prijateljstva  velike Amerike (SAD) i velike u istoriskim procesima MI, Vaše i njihove Crne Gore,-da Fondacija East River Montenegro & UNIKAT , će nastaviti vjerodostojnu istinitu "priču" o pomnogim događajima; političkim mijenama i ličnostima koji nezaboraviše ni američku ni crnogorsku čeljad koji bijahu SPONA prijateljstva koje se ne može i (ili) ne smije zaboravit.

Maurice J. Sullivan - the Adjutant General

His memorial to the men of Nevada who died whie serving in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the United States, or shortly thereafter, from the effects of wounds received in action, or of disease contracted in service, during the World War, is dedicated by the State of Nevada to the commemoration of their heroic sacrifice. By this book our commonwealth pays loving tribute to the sacred memory of her brave sons, who in the flower of their young manhood gave their liver for their country’s ideals of liberty and democracy. Just as our forefathers shes their blood and gave their lives that this glorioud land of freedom might be established, and later that it might endure, so also has the blood been shed and the lives of these young men of Nevada been given. Words are all inadequate to assuage or to mitigate the sorrow felt by their kindred. This book is at once a tribute to the fallen and a testimonial of sympathy to their loved once.

Our boys went into the war with a full realization of  what it meant to the country and the world, of the part they were to play in the shaping of human destiny. We saw them turn from the peaceful pursuits of every-day life, bid relatives and friends goodbye, don the uniform of their country, and embark upon a sea thick with deadly mines and murderous submarines. And there on the soil of France they stood undaunted, the ligth of battle in their eyes,proud to be the guardians of American liberty.While our soldies in Europe were winning impershable renown,we had 2000000 more in training camps in our own country, fretting their hearts away because they were not permitted to join their brothers-in-arms “over there”. And I believe that the soldier or sailor who was ready and eager to go, and who died far from the field of battle, was just as much a hero in spirit as the man who fell in action.

It is altogether fitting that out State should publish this tribute of love and honor to the young men who staked their lives,and lost them, for the preservation of American liberty. Peter the Hermit, addressing the Crusaders to the Holy Land, said: ”Brave Knights, remember the deeds of your ancestors. ”Edmund Burke said: ”They who care nothing for the deeds of their ancestors need not look forward to the doings of their posterity.”

We love the records of our people. We point with pride to their doings in the drama of history. The courage displayed by the soldier in battle represents the character and courage of  the people at home. We are not only satisfied with the conduct of our boys on the battlefields of France and elsewhere, but we are proud to claim them as our representatives and happy to have the world judge us by their record. God forbid that we should ever prove recreant to our obligations to them for their heroic service to our Country and  to the world. These heroes fought in the greatest war in all history. No soldiers befors them rendered service of more far-reaching importance. They stood between us and the overthrow of our Government and the loss of our liberty. They saved civilization. They rendered a service to mankind that will live “till the sun grows cold, and the stars are old, and the leaves of the judgment book unfold.”

From all people in all times has come reverence for the most heroic deed that can be performed by mortal man-death in defense of country, home and faith. In years long distant, when book shall have become venerable, and perhaps faded; when the names inscribed in it shall seem, to those who read them, an indistinct memento of an almost mythical past; as long as warm blood courses the veins of man, as long as the human heart beats high and quick at the recital of brave deeds and patriotic sacrifice, so long will the lessons given here incite generous men to emulate the heroism of the past.

“He that would save his life shall lose it; and whosoever loseth his life for my sake shall find it again. ”This is the assurance given by the Master who gave his life that all might live in the light of truth. This is the law of sacrifice. This is the eternal guarantee that life is the victor over death; not death over life.

We may-in our grief-sometimes question the promise here. But our boys-those lads who for out sake gave up their lives-know now that the promise is true indeed. It remains only for us to “close up the gaps and carry on”: to interpret  “death into life by making living issues of those principles for which our loved ones died.”

 “Oh Death, where is thy sting: oh Grave, thy victory ”Their graves will indeed have been cheated of their victory if we, who remain, perpetuate in our lives and institutions the spirit of nobility and sacrifice which animated our heroic dead!  Departed heroes, in the name of Nevada, I thank you.


Gore rečeno: "Put ka slobodi nije nikad bijo lak"- a reče velikan Đido ,ovo moje javljanje s`crnogorske zemlje MI dade povod pa i da započnem u nekoliko nastavaka pomnoge istine koje zbore o čeljadima crnogorskim koji ginuše ispod AMERIČKOG BARJAKA - ZASTAVE u PRVOM SVJETSKOM RATU..


p.s. ponešto za ovo započeto koje ću koristiti (valja se znati ) da dobih iz Američke Ambasade iz Podgorice, svakako i od prijatelja i druga Mr. Greg Erickson-a, koji tradicionalno, a moderno, "otvara" pomnoge arhive svijeta i velike Amerike...a rešto pomnogih istina je iz fondova i arhiva Fondacije.

Poštovani, pa i da započnem sa američkim čeljadetom Maurice Joseph Sullivanom koji nedade zaboravu trojicu čeljadi crnogorske i koji nas pośeća na pomnoga dešavanja Prvog svjetskog rata  (1914-1918 )...




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