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30 Jun 2019



Teslini preci su emigrirali iz mog kraja Crne Gore u Liku. Nije slučajno što se Nikola divio junacima bitke Vučjeg Dola, jer su Pilatovci (odakle su Teslini otišli) selo odmah do Vučjeg Dola, odakle je i moja majka. Ja sam iz Vrbice, tik do Vučjeg Dola đe je kralj Nikola imao svoj šator pred tu čuvenu bitku.

U parku Kraljice Viktorije, na Nijagarinim Vodopadima u Kanadi je 6. Jula 2006. godine otkriven spomenik Nikoli Tesli. Na ovom spomeniku Tesla je prikazan u trenutku inspiracije kako na pijesku Budimpeštanskog parka crta šemu obrtnog magnetnog polja

Nikola Tesla was born 1856 in Smiljan Austro-Hungarian empire now Croatia. He was a son of an orthodox priest. His ancestor moved in 6th century from region now Ukraine, Poland and East Germany to Serbia and after the battle with Turks 1389 AD at the Kosovo Polje they migrated to Pilatovci in Montenegro. Later they continued migration northwestward into Croatia. Nikola Tesla immigrated from Hapsburg Monarchy to USA in 1884. He studied electro-mechanical engineering in Graz and Prag but it is not known if he ever finished the study with the Final Certificate. He had hypnotic hazel eyes and became the electron-wizard who introduced Alternating Current into practice, invented fluorescent and neon lighting and created as the inspiration for Radio, Robots, Radar and even Laser.

Tesla invented how to send radio waves on distance. Like Hertz, with his 17 patents in the wireless he influenced early Radio pioneers like Markoni and others in USA. That fact has been proved through American justice system in court.

While Edison spent lot of money backed with financiers and tested thousands of material to obtain solution for the invention of the bulb, Tesla put nearly nothing in the glass tube i.e. replaced the air with the inert gas and by means of amazing well known Tesla Coil got fluorescent and neon lighting. Light was more natural with less power consumption, which will in near future substitute ordinary Edison’s bulb. It was found in Edison’s diary as planned activity: “fake Tesla Coil”. In war of lights, Tesla will win again.

What ever Tesla thinks about, he got his invention ideas with easy; it looks like receptions of information from distant universe. Everything he imagines is all in his head even improve it in his head and finally made prototype without much drawing, testing and costly experiments.

According to many Tesla’s biographers he had extra sense natural abilities. While he was giving the lecture in Paris he felt that his mother is dying in Lika- Croatia. He stopped his stay in France and managed to visit mother before her death.

Among Tesla’s creations was the giant system with turbines that harnessed the power of Niagara Falls. In that war between Direct Current and Alternating Current by the turns of last two previous centuries Tesla fought Edison who was fighting for his monopoly with the Direct Current. Tesla’s inventions of the AC generator, then Transformer and finally Polly phase AC (Alternate Current) electric motor lead to the victory of the distribution of the Alternating Current on the distance for domestic and industrial applications. The AC creation came to be known as the rotating magnetic field. Simply stated, Tesla utilized two circuits instead of the customary single circuit to transmit electrical energy and thus generated dual currents ninety degrees out of phase with each other. The net effect was that a receiving motor armature, by means of induction, would rotate in space and thereby continually attract a steady stream of electrons whether or not the charge was positive or negative. On that way Tesla avoid unreliable comutator, device with brushes, it is cumbersome and sparks considerably what is the loss of energy.

He reveal to us that AC is not the exactly law of nature, but exactly how nature works. He got that idea while he was walking through the Park in Budapest.

The witness was his Hungarian college Sigeti. This is special and important moment in human history. Tesla had similar experience in that special Budapest Park as Moses had on mount Sinai. At that exact moment and place Tesla realized the nature of the AC. He have got commands for the system of the Alternating Current. From that very moment the Verdict was reached: “ Electrons shall became slaves of humanity”.

After air, water, and food next most important stuff for us is electricity in our homes and industry.

At the occasion, of the Tesla’s decoration with the medal of great American inventor Edison, B. A.Behrend exaggerate a little bit what we understand, it was just occasion:

“Were we seize and eliminate from our industrial world the results of Mr. Tesla’s work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, our towns would be dark, our mills would be idle”

Now, I would add that wheels of industry would not turn as fast, as we see it today.

On the other hand if the richest man at that time J.P. Morgan had not stopped to finance Tesla’s laboratory on Long Island, we would have our cell phones 50 years earlier and we would have nowadays something what we can not imagine at all.

Today when we try to do similar job what Tesla did in a new field of inventions; we use computer animation 3D-CAD as a tool in our projects. We do many studies, experiments, pilot plants and costly prototype and of course, we do not mind to have lot of money for that purpose. Tesla uses something else. Each of his inventions has been seen, processed, improved and finally put to work and observed in his head.

Finally one of the Tesla’s legacies is that he discovered to us something very important to know. That is possibility of the most sophisticated machine in known universe. It is human brain-your brain. Tesla made us optimistic that we are able to solve all problems, which we will face for our existence on earth and universe in the future.


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