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Oct 09, 2022
10:53 PM
She raised her hand and was about to pull off the veil on her cheek. When she looked at the small tea shed happily, her eyes turned gray for a moment. She was always happy, but did not pay attention to her colleagues. The man who held the child and smiled and whispered to her had an impression in his mind that when he first followed her, he went to Qiuping Mountain to hunt the prince of the Southern Jin State he met. But at that time, the prince of the Southern Jin State was still intact, not just a single arm like now, looking at the beloved woman did not know what he said, the smiling eyes, can see that she was very happy. Watching her hold the child, watching her say something to the child that he could not hear, and finally seeing the prince of Southern Jin holding her in his arms, Zicheng felt as if he had been thrown into the abyss. Cold from the beginning to the soles of his feet, why looking at the happy scene of their family, let him have a feeling of being rejected thousands of miles away, not only refers to his rejection thousands of miles away, the warmth of the family of three, all insignificant people are rejected outside. Did she forget? Did everyone forget him? Zi Cheng felt a throbbing pain in her heart, so painful that she could hardly breathe. If he hadn't held the horse's reins tightly, he might have fallen off the horse long ago. Yes, how did he forget, that is the prince of the Southern Jin Dynasty, although the Southern Jin Dynasty is only a small country, but the identity of the prince is better than his rice merchant,multi disc screw press, looking at the baby in his arms, afraid of their children? It is said that the big prince of the Southern Jin Kingdom loves his princess. Even if the princess wants the moon in the sky, the big prince of the Southern Jin Kingdom will take it off. Besides, the big prince has now become a king. He raised his head bitterly and suppressed the tears in his eyes. Does he still want to go there? Looking at her happy appearance at this time, how could he have the heart to destroy her happiness. Pulled the reins to adjust the direction, when the eyes slowly from the warm home slowly began, a drop of silent tears slowly fell, wet the veil of the cheek,wall penstocks, the wind blew with the veil raised, the wet tears hidden in silence. | Net friend symily 52 hands, reproduced please specify | www.txt99.com. [Meet] Xiaoxiao, who was reacting normally over there, did not notice Zicheng's reaction at all, let alone the person she had been looking for, so she had to leave sadly. Has been leaning on the arms of Wanyan Yong, the mood slowly calm smile some embarrassment to leave his arms. Wanyan Yong is also a little embarrassed, after all, for more than a year, although nominally Xiaoxiao is his princess, but the closest act of the two is to go to the palace, he took her hand to walk. It was the first time that Wanyan Yong had done this with such a feeling as today, without any consideration of pulling her closer to his arms. Ye Jiu is such a shrewd person, not to mention understanding the real relationship between the two people, of course, fine bubble diffuser ,filter nozzle, see the embarrassment of the two people at this time. Master, it's getting late. Let's hit the road. Seeing Ye Jiu open his mouth, he smiled and got up with Youyao in his arms. "Yes, it's getting late. It's better to go on the road earlier. I'm afraid it will take more than ten days to travel like this." Wanyan Yong looked at the sky and sighed. "It looks like it's going to rain. Why don't you find a place to rest first?" Xiaoxiao hesitated, after all, she had been anxious to go to the city since midnight last night. She wanted to see the real owner of the song earlier. The most important thing was that she wanted to prove her expectation that the person was Youhan. Did that mean that they were still there? Ye Jiu saw that the two masters had different opinions and were somewhat embarrassed. At this time, he had said the first sentence, and when the Youyao, who had not spoken, opened his mouth, "I want to be conscious." "You don't like to rest in the carriage all the time." Wanyan Yong opened his mouth again. It was obvious that this time he had a strong desire to find a place to rest. After all, he loved to laugh and loved the demon most. He would rather suffer than let the demon suffer a little. Smile a face of thick color, hesitated again and again, then export way, "or hurry." As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the atmosphere was a little dull for a while. Ye Jiu, after all, turned to his master and knew his master's urgent mood. "Get on the bus. When the weather is good, you can still travel more.".
” Wanyan Yong did not speak, Xiaoxiao also felt a little sorry, because of their own affairs, forced two people to act according to her opinion, for Wanyan Yong, she had a sense of guilt from the beginning, but did not think of Youyao there. Then, the neglected side of Youyao was the one with the most intense emotional reaction. His small body twisted and his arms stretched out to Wanyan Yong. "Hug." The three men were apparently stunned by this move. Wanyan Yong slowly raised the corners of his mouth, reached out to take the demon, and held her tightly in his arms, as if he were holding his own life. "Son, we're on our way." The "father and son" who went to the carriage were still behind the stunned Xiaoxiao and Ye Jiu. Ye Jiu didn't feel much, but when he turned his head and looked at his master, he was stunned. The master, who had just been in a daze, now had tears on his face and turned to look at the carriage. Wanyan Yong had jumped into the carriage with the demon and got in. He had not found this scene at all. Xiaoxiao heart is aggrieved, she has been on the heart of the son, why do you want to do this to yourself? She really doesn't understand what she did wrong? He took a hard breath, raised his sleeve, wiped his tears, and strode to the carriage. Ye Jiu sighed helplessly, strode up, all the way speechless, the people on the carriage is no dialogue, from the sitting position can clearly see the strange here. Wanyan Yong sat opposite Xiaoxiao with Youyao in his arms. Xiaoxiao leaned his head on the wooden board of the carriage and looked out through the gauze of the window without focus. The bumpy carriage walked slowly in the direction of the city. It was still sunny at noon, but suddenly it was overcast and windy, and the day became like night. In the dense and dark sky, there was a flash of lightning from time to time, and there was a loud thunder from time to time. Not long after the downpour also came down, because it was a mud road, the carriage was not as smooth as before, the speed was obviously not as fast as before, Xiaoxiao got up and lifted the curtain,Lamella Plate Settler, big drops of rain rushed in in an instant. Xiaoxiao wiped his face with his sleeve and shouted to Ye Jiu, who was already soaked to the skin, "Find a place to shelter from the rain." ? khnwatertreatment.com

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