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Oct 09, 2022
11:06 PM
"Father and brother's inheritance, father and brother's inheritance is in my hands, but I don't even know if I can keep the last place in Kuaiji!" Sun Quan sighed, and two tears rolled down his once beautiful face. Second brother, as long as I wait for my brother to have a breath, I will never let Gao Chong that boy succeed! "Waltman's voice is like a bell, and his young body is full of unruly vitality." It's the second brother, the third brother's words are right, although the eldest brother is gone, there are two of us! Sun Kuang straightened his chest and learned to express his love loudly like waltman. Sun quan2 brows not because of waltman and sun Kuang a bold words, over the past few years, the soldiers died, surrender of surrender, let sun Quan feel the most is the fate of the merciless tease. Zhang Zhao hurriedly pushed open the door of his study and said, "Zhongmou, He Gongmiao has surrendered to the enemy!" Zhang Zhaowen elegant, old and Langya Zhao Yu, the East China Sea Wang Lang, after joining Sun Ce, is a lot of effort, is the head of Jiangdong civil officials, when Sun Quan was young, he worshipped Zhang Zhao as a teacher, so Zhang Zhao called the word Sun Quan. What did you say, Zhongfu? Waltman jumped up and grabbed Zhang Zhao's trembling hand and asked. He Qi, whose courtesy name is Gong Miao, is a native of Shanyin, Kuaiji. When he was young, he was a county official, and he was the chief of the county. In the first year of Jian'an, Sun Ce Linjun examined Qi Xiaolian. When the town of Yongning, Shang Sheng, Zhang Ya, Zhan Qiang and other thieves rebelled, and Qi was ordered to fight against them in World War I, which made the bandits around him afraid. Especially in the last six months,cattle weight tape, with Lv Meng, Zhou Tai, Cheng Pu and other generals have been killed, Sun Quan, who has always boasted of many good generals, also felt a little stretched in employing people. Impossible, Gongmiao can't abandon me! The blue veins on Sun Quan's face were exposed, and his blue eyes showed the color of despair. Zhang Zhao said with a deep sigh, "At first I didn't believe it either, but here are Dong yuan's handwritten letters, so we can't help but not believe them." As he spoke, Zhang Zhao took out a soap bag from his bosom and handed it to Sun Quan. All the roads of Jian'an and Hanxing are now in enemy hands, and only Dongyang is still on the south road, otherwise --! Zhang Zhao said dejectedly. What is the situation on the northern front? Sun Quan asked. Zhang Zhao paused and said, "Compared with the fierce attack of Gao Chong's army in the southwest, the war situation on the northern front was uncharacteristically gentle. There has been no major battle since late September. According to the intelligence from the scouts sent out, Gao Chong's army unexpectedly abandoned the occupied Wuxing and Jiaxing, and has basically broken away from the direct contact with our army." "What kind of medicine is Gao Chong selling in this gourd?" "Waltman puzzled asked." Zhong Fu, in your opinion, fish measuring tape ,Pi tape measure, will Gao Chong let us get through this winter safely? Sun Quan's voice was deep, with a dull and depressing pain. Zhang Zhao said, "Gao Chong is an evil wolf. Once the meat is in his mouth, how can he stop? But what he is doing now is really hard to guess." "Second Brother," said Sun Kuang suddenly, "I heard that Gao Chong sent a beautiful girl to Zhou Yu the other day." With a flash of light in his eyes, Sun Quanbi shouted angrily, "Fourth Brother, don't talk nonsense. That woman was just a concubine favored by Gong Jin. I believe Gong Jin won't betray his eldest brother for a woman." "But the eldest brother is no longer here, and none of us can predict what Zhou Yu is thinking." Sun Yidao. Hearing this, Zhang Zhao, who had been silent all the time, suddenly straightened up and angrily retorted to Sun Yi and Sun Kuang, "You two yellow-mouthed children, don't gossip here. Although Gong Jin is unrestrained, he is Frank. How can he do something disloyal and unjust?" When Zhang Zhao and Zhou Yu met, they always looked at each other, but today Zhang Zhao was uncharacteristically defending Zhou Yu, which made Sun Quan a little puzzled.
Sun Quan comforted him by saying, "Father Zhong is very old. It's better to go back for the time being. I have my own sense of propriety about who is right and who is wrong." When Zhang Zhao took his leave, Sun Quan's face sank. He scolded Yi and Kuang, "In the battle of Changping between Qin and Zhao, Prince Qian of Zhao believed in the treacherous slander. He abandoned the veteran Lian Po, who was good at defending, and appointed the young Zhao Kuo as commander in chief. As a result, he was defeated by the famous general Bai Qi. Four hundred thousand elite soldiers were killed. A lesson from the past is a guide for the future. After the death of his eldest brother, Gong Jin took his place as commander Defending Wu Cheng has made great achievements. If it weren't for him, you and my brothers would not even have a place to live in Kuaiji. You two must not be suspicious in vain and disturb the morale of the troops. Otherwise, don't blame me! Waltman and Sun Kuang had never seen Sun Quan lose his temper so much. They were all speechless for a moment and looked at each other. Both of you go down, and you can't see what happened today. Do you know? Sun Quan's purple beard was slightly open, and he could not help revealing a kind of dignity that could not be stopped. Waltman bowed his head and answered, pulling Sun Kuang, who was still at a loss, out of the door. Three elder brother, two elder brother usually is not to that Zhou Yu quite not pleasing to the eye, today why-! Sun Kuang asked as he went out. After all, Waltman was a few years older than Sun Kuang, and he had a wide range of knowledge. Hearing Sun Kuang's words, he said, "Fourth brother, do you think the second brother has changed recently? I suddenly saw the shadow of the former eldest brother in the second brother!" Waltman's voice was so loud that Sun Quan in the room could hear it clearly. With a wry smile on his face, he sat down and murmured, "Elder brother, I don't know what you did before, but it's a pity that I know too late!"! But it's not easy to really believe in a person. Brother, I try to do it, but I can't do it. In fact, from Xu Kun's mouth, Sun Quan had already learned about the relationship between Joe and Zhou Yu, these days in the vicinity of Zhou Yu, Sun Quan also secretly sent a confidant spy, but did not find out that Zhou Yu had the slightest change. Could it be that Gao Chong was really just out of sympathy, so why did he withdraw his troops in a good situation? Sun Quan was puzzled for a moment. On the morning of the second day, after a night of hard thinking, Sun Quan gave Zhang Zhao an order written by himself. On the order was clearly written this line: Zhou Yu was granted the title of commander of Jianwei, with a rank of two thousand stones and an increase of one thousand men. However, at the end of the bonus order, Sun Quan added another sentence: The situation is in danger. The whole army should guard the camp and not act rashly. Jian'an three years on October 13,Fish measuring board, night, Wu Cheng, Zhou Yu camp. tapemeasure.net

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