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The Wind Rises and the Duckweed Rises -- Author Ji
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Oct 09, 2022
11:16 PM
Ye Zhong-e promised twice and hung up the phone. At this moment, I dare not rest at all. He immediately made several phone calls to Ma Hua, the executive vice president of the company, followed by Lao Dai and Zhou Yun to confirm the situation. Afraid that the phone would be tapped, several people did not say much. In a few words, everyone understood. When he returned to the ward, he found Zhilu still sleeping. The expression on her face looked like an innocent child. He felt soft in his heart and leaned over to kiss her. Under a kiss, Lu suddenly opened her eyes, and Ye Zhong-e's lips brought out a smile: "Is Sleeping Beauty awake?" Zhilu glanced at the table. "I want to drink water." After drinking the water, Ye Zhong-e wanted to help her lie down again, but she refused and insisted on sitting down, saying that half of her body was numb. Ye Zhong-e said helplessly, "Dear, just listen to me for once." "I can sit and rest," she said. Ye Zhong-e held her hand and said, "If you are better, we will go through the formalities of remarriage." Early in the morning, the sun shines into the room, gentle and affectionate, like the touch of countless small hands. But one night, it was like a lifetime ago. Ye Zhong-e went on to say, "I will change this time.". I will not let anyone follow you, nor will I track you by any means,warehouse pallet racks, nor will I obstruct you from doing this or that. If you want to be a journalist, you can be a journalist. If you want to study, you can study. Whatever you do, I will not interfere with you. Lu said softly, "Did you give me that cell phone after I almost had a car accident?" "Yes, I want to know where you are every minute," Ye admitted. It doesn't matter at ordinary times, but at the critical moment,cantilever racking system, it can save lives. I was afraid it would happen again, but it happened yesterday. Fortunately, you're all right. "I will also change, these years, thank you for tolerating me," Lu smiled, "I will be more attentive at home, but it is nothing, if I study for a doctor's degree, I will have a lot of time." "You listened to me after all." Ye Zhong-e straightened her hair, "I really think you are suitable for learning." Lu nodded slightly. "You're right. I also think it's good to go back to school." Her spirit was not good, but a few words showed signs of fatigue. Ye Zhong-e helped her to lie down, but this time she did not refuse. After lying down, she asked him casually, "Where are your women?" There is no other woman. After I met you, there was no other woman. Ye Zhong-e looked into her eyes and opened his mouth. Uh Zhilu closed her eyes to rest and stopped talking. He really has no other woman. He had always wondered why some men could have three wives and four concubines, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, and what mistresses they had. He had always disapproved of this and was deeply disdainful of it. Ye Zhong-e admits that he may be arrogant; he may be a little self-willed and arbitrary in his work, and he will not hesitate to offend others, but this is also a necessary quality for his position. He learned all this from his father. On the night of his return, Ye Qingmao solemnly talked to him, saying that it was more cruel at home than abroad, which was determined by the national conditions. Other things, you know in your heart, I don't talk to you, but I want to emphasize to you that if you want to succeed, you must be careful and careful on the issue of men and women. Over the years, I have seen these officials dismount, and this is more than half of the reason. Therefore, one step can not be wrong, otherwise, destroy themselves. As a father, he was warning him with the experience of his life. Ye Zhong-e wrote down these words word for word and followed them completely. In those two years, he had two or three girlfriends. Although they finally separated, they were all single-minded in the process, and they did their best afterwards without causing any trouble. Only Dai Liu surprised him. I don't remember how I knew her. Anyway, he didn't hate her, because she was capable and maybe he had a little affection for her. She expressed clearly that she liked him, so he was ambiguous for two or three months, but he was not a boyfriend or girlfriend until he met Zhong Zhilu. Ye Zhong-e found her, very frankly to say things clearly, said they don't need to meet, be friends; Dai Liu was shocked for a while, and then silent, do not make a statement. But she is a news anchor, a profound understanding of the wonderful use of gossip and banditry, a wide range of dissemination, great lethality, and it is difficult to find the initiator of history. The news spread so widely that he thought about it and understood the whole story. He went to see her and asked her the reason sternly.
Dai Liu cried miserably, which was different from her usual dignified appearance. His attitude was firm and he had no intention of turning around. Finally she said, "I promise not to bother you anymore, but you have to promise me one thing.". He looked at her and said lightly, I am not Zhang Wuji. She said, didn't you say you could still be friends? If I encounter difficulties in the future, I hope you can help me. Ye Zhong-e had been waiting for Zhilu to ask him for a few days, but she didn't. In fact, she didn't ask him anything about his ex-girlfriend and Dai Liu until she got married. He did not fully understand how a woman could be so broad-minded? Hearing other people's complaints about his wife and girlfriend, he sighed with emotion that his wife was better, and then he thought that she didn't love him at all? So indifferent? Now I know that the reason is so simple. It's just, she trusts him. A kind of trust that can win everyone's respect, a kind of trust that people can trust their lives, she trusts him as she trusts herself, this feeling is pure and almost fairy tale, but it really exists in her body. 2007-7-1 15:51:00 Feng Yi Level: Moderator Reputation: 3 Money: 1871 6 Posts: 1668 Experience: 14758 Charm: 12599 Gold coins: 0 School: No school, no school Registration: May 23, 2007 View: Personal Essays Personal Essentials Last Visit: 2007-10-25 9:14:00 23rd Floor [XXI] Coming out of the hospital, standing in the doorway,warehousing storage solutions, a few seconds later, a plain black car approached from the other side and stopped in front of him. He opened the car door and sat in, exhaling quietly. jracking.com

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