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The sword is full of frost
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Oct 09, 2022
11:16 PM
"Now that you're here, how can you be at both ends? To tell you the truth, who doesn't want to see the face of Xiangchuan Saint?" Lu Chuan Ping Road: "Sure enough, everyone can't help but have this idea of curiosity. Recently, in the martial arts world, the Saint of Kagawa has been rendered beautiful." The city is a woman like a celestial being. In addition, she is uncertain and acts like a God, which is also the reason why it is easy to cause rumors. Because He gave a dry laugh and replied, "But when Saint Fang arrives later, she'll turn out to be an extremely ugly hag." It's too unpleasant, ha! Ha Zhao Ziyuan smell speech in the heart has stem slightly, dark feel: It turns out that these people are all waiting here to see the appearance of the saint. Is it true that the saint of Kagawa is so famous? Step? Suddenly a cold voice from the left: "Master Lu's remark is a bit like reading a saint, but I don't agree with him." Lu Chuanping eat people with cold words to contradict, look Huo to sink down, way: "The Bamboo Raft Gang and the Qilan Five Righteousness don't always come to the river. When did Lu offend Master Han?" The speaker was Han Zhongqun, the eldest of Qilan Wuyi, and he said: "It's easy for Master Lu to say. I'll deal with the matter on its own merits. It's better for Master Lu to speak properly." With a snort of anger, Lu Chuanping stepped up to the Korean group and stretched out his palm to split the Korean group. The position of his hand was extremely accurate, and his speed was fast, so he deserved to be the leader of the gang, but he only gave half of his hand and stopped immediately. He lost his hand because his sleeve was pulled. Anxious and angry, Lu Chuanping blurted out, "Who dares to play tricks with Lu?" As soon as I looked back, I saw that the man who had pulled his sleeve was in the middle. Former lone bandit Tian Xiaolong! That Lu Chuanping out of the palm how fast, the wind and lightning is not too much, the opposite of Tian Xiaolong only a hand, then pulled him. Sleeve, although it is in Lu Chuanping caught off guard, pumping cold son can succeed,shuttle rack system, but the strange gesture, has enough to make the people on the pavilion. I looked at him. Tian Xiao dragon head also does not lift, way: "The pavilion is a place for people to rest. If you two want to fight, please go to the outside of the pavilion and put your children together." The hand that pulls Lu Chuanping's sleeve slowly shrinks to come back, eyelid one, close an eye to raise a God. Lu Chuanping Kui extremely, way: "Ren Da is in charge. Is this Tian also a guest of your rudder?" Any black catch way: Last night, when Master Hu Erdang went to the chief rudder to inform him of the whereabouts of the saint, only Master Lu and Master Liu Dao were present. As early as we arrived at this pavilion, we found that Tian Xiaolong, brother Tian, Qilan Wuyi Kunzhong and Peach Blossom Lady had arrived here before us. "What's the reason that someone still doesn't know?" The peach blossom lady Mo way: "Although your men, surnamed Ren, have many eyes and ears, can they know the whereabouts of the saint, wire mesh decking ,drive in racking system, but others do not know?"? It's useless Live. Ren Hei Kui sneered a hum, facing Tian Xiaolong who sat with his eyes closed: "Do you dare to ask Brother Tian if he came here just to see the grace of the saint, or if he has other intentions?" Tian Xiaolong raised his eyes and said, "It's both." "What does that mean, Brother Tian?" Asked Ren Heifeng in a deep voice. Tian Xiaolong said lightly, "Tian wants to see the beauty, and by the way, he also wants to take this opportunity to do business." Said with a slight smile, after the way: "Beautiful women always carry jewelry with them to set off their beauty, and the beauty of Xiangchuan Saint can be seen by men all over the world." But the spirit gallops, its belt jewelry many, from is not under the words, Tian Mou sees the beauty, conveniently does it one ticket, forgives everybody not to be opposite. Right All the people in the pavilion looked at each other and kept silent for a long time. The peach blossom lady laughed. "As the saying goes, 'a thief never forgets his job.' Tian Guanren is the most famous lone thief in the Central Plains. Isn't this a deal?" Just lift a finger? Her tone was sarcastic and mean, Tian Xiaolong could not help looking at her with anger, and the Peach Blossom Lady also looked up and did not show any weakness.
Han Zhongqun, the head of Qilan Wuyi, solemnly said: "Tian's abacus is quite loud, but I'm afraid it may not be satisfactory!" Tian Xiaolong stared at Han Zhongqun, harsh voice way: "Do you want to block Tian's way of making money?" Han Zhongqun nodded: "The next five brothers are here, if they still let the people who cut the path run amuck, openly rob on the official road and do nothing, they are also saying." A chivalrous man! Tian Xiaolong eye dew to kill, seems to have signs of action, Qilan Wuyi Kunzhong waiting for. For a long time, Tian Xiaolong sneer at: "Very well, when Tian was committing a crime, he had always been a two-pronged approach of stealing goods and killing people, and the Saint of Xiangchuan was a natural beauty." Tian Mou is also reluctant to destroy flowers, and now there is a third party on top of her position, so that Tian Mou can have the pain of killing people. ” The masters on the pavilion fought with each other and refused to give way to each other. The situation was chaotic for a while, and it became an inextricable situation between friends and enemies. Zhen Lingqing quietly to Zhao Ziyuan way: "Apart from Kai Qilan Wuyi, who is an out-and-out decent knight-errant, the rest are all underworld people. No wonder they speak so well." It seems that a conflict between Wuyi and Tian Xiaolong is inevitable. Zhao Ziyuan, with a sweep of his eyes, blurted out: "Here comes the caravan!" They stood up and looked at the road in the distance, only to see smoke and dust billowing on the road, and a grey covered carriage galloping. To. In the twinkling of an eye, the caravan had come near, Ren Hei met his lips, and Hu Er and Luo San ran out of the stone pavilion together. Block the way. The driver, who was sitting on the platform of the carriage, was standing stiffly on his horse. Although his expression changed, he did not break out. Both Hu and Luo bowed down. Zhi Zha is quite respectful. Luo three home way: "Please be angry about the crime of blocking the road and parking. We have heard that Saint Fang is driving through Anyu, so we are waiting here to look at Saint Fang. Allow.. The driver cut off the conversation way: "I have something important to do. I must leave the pass before tomorrow night. I apologize for not being able to comply with your request." All the people on the pavilion Qi ran step forward, the black way: "But can you take your place?" "I've already told you to come down,industrial racking systems," said the driver. "If I meet you.." Before he had finished speaking, a silvery female voice suddenly came from the car: "Ma Zheng can lift the curtain. Since they have come a long way, how can they be disappointed?" ? jracking.com

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