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TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V) ? + ? titanium alloy
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Oct 12, 2022
9:57 PM
Original Title: TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V) ? + ? Titanium Alloy TC4 is the most widely used titanium alloy, accounting for almost half of all titanium alloys. TC4 is a kind of ? + ? titanium alloy,titanium sheet grade 5, and its microstructure is composed of ? and ? solid solution at room temperature. Relevant standards GB/T 3620.1-2007 Designation and chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloys GB/T 2965-2007 Titanium and titanium alloy bars GB/T 3621-2007 Titanium and titanium alloy sheet GB/T 3622-2012 Titanium and titanium alloy strip and foil GB/T 3623-2007 Titanium and titanium alloy wire GB/T 3624-2010 Titanium and titanium alloy seamless tubes GB/T 16598-2013 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Cakes and Rings GB/T 25137-40 Mechanical properties (GB/T 2965-2007) Heat treatment system 700 ~ 800 ?,Titanium welding pipe, 1H ~ 3H, air cooling Mechanical properties Tensile strength Rm/MPa ?895 Specified non-proportional extension strength Rp0.2/MPa ?825 Elongation after fracture A/% ?10 Reduction of area Z/% ?25 TC4 has the advantages of both ? and ? titanium alloys, ti6al4v eli ,titanium round bar, such as good plasticity, good hot strength (can work at 400 ? for a long time), strong seawater corrosion resistance, simple production process, welding, cold and hot forming, and can be strengthened by quenching and aging treatment. It is mainly used in aircraft compressor disk and blade, ship pressure shell, large size forgings,titanium bar gr5, die forgings and so on. The TC4 also has good low temperature performance. It still has good toughness below -196 ?, and is used to manufacture low temperature and high pressure vessels, such as liquid hydrogen fuel tanks for rockets and missiles. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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