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Oct 12, 2022
10:24 PM
In the next step, a bright red target appeared in the spiritual world of these students. This target is every point on the mountain. Under the guidance of Ji Dong's spiritual power, it directly helped them complete the lock. With such a strong support, they can devote all their attention to the magic of cohesion without any distraction. At this time, the six magic fluctuations released by the magicians who have won two or three championships are so huge that the strangest thing is that the process of releasing magic by all of them is exactly the same,Carbon in Pulp, and there is no difference in the speed of operation. A few hundred meters away, they can also vaguely see that these more than thirty people are not very old,tin beneficiation plant, and they didn't take it seriously before. At this time, he felt the strong magic wave and immediately exclaimed that it was not good. Only then did he realize that his own burial had been discovered by the other side. As soon as the leader gave the order, a large number of rolling wood and thunder stones immediately fell from the sky. Rumbled straight down the hill. Although they are elite, the strength is quite strong, but wearing heavy armor, chrome washing machine ,Carbon in Pulp, the speed of the March can not be fast after all, once they climb halfway up the mountain and encounter this kind of ambush, they will definitely suffer a great blow. those who were directly hit by the bandits can not call out the right. Earth defense. Ji moved a faint voice again, three yellow and three gray, condensed into a thick layer of khaki mask, completely enveloping all 32 of them. This time, there was no need for Ji to do any more spiritual guidance. Those broken rocks, rolling wood and thunder stones falling from the sky,magnetic separator machine, were either bounced off or slipped past the mask, but the mask did not even splash the halo for half a minute, let alone cause any damage. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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